Choosing The Right Fence

What to Consider

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Fencing Near You

Atlas Outdoor offers a variety of functions and styles, and we’ll help you choose the fence that works best for you.

Structure & Materials

Everlast Cellular

Our exclusive Everlast cellular fencing is textured as natural wood and offers longer lasting beauty and durability with minimal maintenance. Our Everlast products are resistant to insect damage, will not rot or splinter, and can withstand inclement weather environments.

  • Looks and Feels like Natural Materials
  • Resists Mildew and Stains
  • Construction Flexibility
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • No Rotting or Cracking
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Vinyl fencing is affordable, versatile and available in a variety of colors. It offers complete privacy as well as flexibility to withstand harsh weather with minimal maintenance.

  • We Only Use 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl
  • Thicker Vinyl Equals Greater Strength and Durability
  • High-End Top and Bottom Railing Trim
  • Aluminum Reinforcement Prevents Sagging and Rust Stains
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Wood fencing is a timeless choice when you want a traditional and rustic look. From ranch to stockade to picket style fences, trust us to custom fabricate your wood fence. We use premium Cedar woods that offer durability, exterior longevity, and are naturally resistant to insect damage.

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Aluminum fencing is a great choice when needing a range of styles including design, spacing, and pickets. Aluminum is a rust resistant material with minimal upkeep. Whether it’s for your backyard, swimming pool, or a garden, we have you covered.

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Steel fencing is super durable, provides extended strength and a long lasting barrier that offers maximum security for your property with attractive designs.

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Chain Link

Chain link fencing is a practical option that offers durability to protect your property and can seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape.

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We are here to help you get the perfect fencing for your space.

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