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Built to stand strong and sturdy through the seasons, outdoor mailboxes and lantern posts are hand crafted with great attention to detail using only top quality materials. Greet your guests with a warm and aesthetic welcome.

Available Post Materials:  Wood  •  PVC  •  Granite  •  Cellular

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Wood & PVC

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Our products are sourced locally and from around the globe. They include Solid Granite Posts, Cast Aluminum Mailboxes and Color Galvanized Iron Brackets. Our Granite is available in two colors and several finishes. Custom fabrications and Engraving are all part of what we do. Inherent in the beauty of Stone is the fact that no two pieces are exactly the same. Some of our granite is hand split, which is done by drilling 2” – 3” holes in the Post and then inserting wedges. You may find these drill marks on some of the Posts. You may also find variations in veining and color. These variations in the Stone are normal and give the material its timeless natural beauty.

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