Available In • Cedar • Vinyl • Cellular (Everlast)

What makes Atlas Gates & Fences different from other Connecticut Fence Companies?


Strong & Durable Mortise and Tenon Construction – We build our gates with Eastern White Cedar using mortise and tenon construction and each backer rail and fascia board are precisely shaped and routed.

Built with Eastern White Cedar to Withstand Harsh New England Weather – Our wood gates are built with the highest quality Eastern White Cedar for long term durability from wind, rain, and snow.


We Use the Highest Quality Vinyl Available – We hand construct each gate with the best vinyl fencing material on the market.

Thicker Vinyl Equals Long Lasting – Our gates have thicker posts, pickets and spindles and are far superior than the industry standard.

Steel Rod Reinforcement – Gates include a steel rod in the bottom rail to prevent sagging.

Hand Constructed & Customized to Your Needs – All of our gates are built by our experienced craftsmen and customized to your landscape and project needs.


Looks & Feels Like Real Wood – Our unique wood grain finish creates an incredibly authentic look and feel to our cellular gates.

Paint Finish Lasts Longer – The material composition of solid cellular allows the paint finish to last longer than traditional painted cedar wood gates.

No Rotting, Cracking & Resists Mildew – The properties of cellular resists moisture resulting in the prevention of common deterioration problems associated with wood.

Construction Flexibility of Wood – Same building qualities of wood such as cutting, routing, bending and shaping.